A place to call home: Roskilde Festival is a great festival. And it’s huge! You can walk&walk&walk until your feet are worn down to the bone. What you need is a base: a place to call home. And that is what you get, when you volunteer with us.

Lounge: In our backstage area we set up a lounge where you can rest your feet & your head between concerts and shifts. Here you can meet some of the 170 people who are part of the team.

Food and drink: In the lounge there’s coffee, tea and cold water, and when you work a shift, you get a free meal.

Your duties: In exchange for a Roskilde Festival ticket and all the perks listed above, you volunteer 24-32 hours working with us. The number of hours depends if you are working during the festival or before & after.

Jobs: There are a number of different jobs available: bartending, cooking, serving, cleaning, hosting, building, etc.

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